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Termoweb wants to be in your life, many people leave the house without paying attention to the thermostat programming and inclement weather, with termoweb you can control the temperature of your home in order to improve your comfort, from wherever you are.

Controlling the temperature of your home is more important than you can imagine, controlling the temperature of your home regularly improves your well-being and can reduce your energy consumption by up to 20%.

Download our App and register; you will be able to control the thermostat from any smartphone, tablet or other piece of technology, you will receive automatic free updates; this Termoweb system is safe and secure with encryption systems of 128 bits.


anywhere, 24/365

  “It seems like I turned down the temperature but I can’t remember if I left the heating turned on, what luck to have Termoweb on my mobile and be able to turn it on from here”  

You can turn the heating on or off, set it, and turn the temperature up or down. To sum up, whatever action you could do directly with the physical thermostat, since our application integrates all functions of the terminal unit that is installed in your home, controls the temperature of your home from wherever and whenever you want to.  


with every device

Our App is compatible with android and iOS, which includes 96% of all operational systems for each model of tablets and smartphones. Being able to access to the home thermostat’s system from any gadget allows you to be able to control the temperature of your home at any moment and to decide the consumption you want to generate 
“This weekend we are going to go to the country cottage, I will turn the heating on from my iPad 2 hours before to make the house warm when we arrive.””  

From the office

total access

  “With termoweb I do not only control the home temperature, but I am also able to see the statistics of consumption and to control the costs of consumption”  

You also have access to the application from any web browser, log into your account, control the thermostat and check the consumption records.